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Suggestion: Better formatting for HTML reports
I've been using this software recently to generate hardware info reports for various PCs, and it's doing a pretty great job of it!

However, the formatting for HTML reports leaves a bit to be desired, especially if you're looking to get something printable in a small number of pages. A few basic improvements to this could really help out in this kind of usage case (generating basic, clean, and printable hardware reports).

More specific details/suggestions:
  1. Ability to suppress generation of headers/titles for sections that are not enabled in the report, to prevent lots of empty sections from wasting space/cluttering the report, especially when generating less-verbose reports.
  2. Font/style options, although this is less important since the user can customize the size when viewing/printing anyway.
  3. More specific reporting options, to prune out more unnecessary options if necessary. For example, untying some basic RAM info like timing/clock from potentially less-relevant performance information like command rate and write recovery time.
Regarding 1.: can you please be more specific which sections are displayed even when disabled? Maybe a few screenshots would show this better.

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