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Suggestion: Distinguish drives
I have two drives of the same make/model, and a separate third one. It's easy to tell which drive the third one is, but it's always a hassle distinguishing the other two:

[Image: efZVFuw.png]

I usually have to copy a dummy file on one to get its usage up and make it possible to tell which one is which. If the entries said something like "Drive C: WDC WD10..." and "Drive D: WDC WD10..." it'd be substantially easier to distinguish them. The activity graphs could use this too (make/model and drive letter), as currently it's impossible to distinguish them except by triggering dummy drive activity:

[Image: 6ynWQ6u.png]
One drive can contain several volumes, or in case of RAID a single volume can span across multiple drives.
Thus HWiNFO currently uses the drive serial number to distinguish them.

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