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Tray icon color change, when temperature has increased a threshold level
Hi, Martin

Hwinfo is the best monitoring tool in the whole internet, just amazing no more.!

Maybe there is an option, but i cannot find in the software menus, is there a way of changeable tray icon, when temperature has increased a specific level

E.g. when cpu temp exceeds 70, it becomes red, below it yellow, and green.

If not, could you add an option for the next releases .

thx, and keep up the good work.
Thank you Smile
Yes, there is such an option. First you need to specify an Alert with your threshold and then enable the "Depends on alert threshold" option for the tray icon.
That is coool Smile thx.

Can we put our own colors, like transparent,black or white, instead of green or red?
No, that's not possible.

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