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Hey guys, can someone explain me, how you can make possible, that HWINFO and my pc is not crashing in ULPS? Because after some hours i got an crash with AIDA64 - and that is something i cant explain to myself. So what do you guys make in another way?
Hi viperdsl Wink
I do it the same way as Fiery does now and I can only confirm what he said already Wink
Oh so you guys are communicating - sorry i thought that you don't talk to each other ( in this world this is normal that people dont talk ) - but is interesting isnt it? So i will go on Beta Testing - i think the solution is somewhere out there.
Well, the issue you see is not surprising due to the nature of how ULPS works - I wish it was not so, but AMD has left us in the dark... Disabling ULPS will certainly solve those problems.
But how much more energy would that need. Since yesterday i have an interesting thing ( on both programs ) when they are in the background i got stucks on sound in nearly every game - do you know about this? Would it make sense to switch to windows 10?
I'm not sure what would be the power consumption difference, but I guess it won't be too much.
As for the lags, try to disable some sensors in HWiNFO, especially the S.M.A.R.T. ones (select sensor heading, right-click and choose Disable Monitoring) to see which one is causing it.
I am thinkig of changing to Win10 - but i am unsure...

Update - it was the reading of the Hardisk Sensor... and the Funny thing is - i now have less Problems with my ULPS or Powersafe. Could that be?
OK, so one mystery is solved Wink It's the storage driver that causes extensive lags when being asked from drive status (S.M.A.R.T.). It's a common problem on many systems and sometime a driver update helps.
Hard to say about the ULPS problem, it would require extensive testing. But I believe that as long as ULPS is active, the issue will appear sooner or later.

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