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UPS data not showing in Shared Memory Viewer
In HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer everything works fine except for UPS where there is no data. I don't understand because there is plenty of UPS sensor info in HWiNFO?

[Image: 9soNV3b.jpg]
[Image: 7wRUMCD.jpg]

Rainmeter 3.3.0 r2519 64 bit (Jan 3 2016)
HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer
HWINFO64 5.12-2740
Does hitting the "Reload" button help maybe ?
I'm sorry I just copied my post from yesterday from the Rainmeter forum but today I looked again and it works :/ I did try reloading and it didn't fix it tho. In the end a reboot did. I should have tried the universal Windows solution first. Big Grin

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