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Consumers are currently looking for a Great night's sleep, and they Are eager to cover it. Roughly 16 per cent grew in spite of encroaching competition and escalating raw materials prices. This year, it's predicted to grow even more, with the addition of premium products, marketing campaigns and higher value.
Due to the education and campaigns of Category leaders Tempur Pedic and Select Comfort is currently profiting from a more educated consumer. Along with the exhibition in Las Vegas of also the Specialty Sleep Association will include feet of introductions to satisfy their demands.
"I think the specialty sleep category is at the Peak of this Bedding business," explained Tim Sommer, Classic Sleep Products' new vice president of strategy and channel development, and also the prior bedding section director in HOM Furniture. "Clients are more inclined to shell out today for premium excellent bedroom solutions. They are wanting to boost their lifestyle; they are getting to be conscious of the bedroom for a haven and specialization sleeping handles that beautifully."
Costs have increased, Anywhere from two to 50 per cent. But so far, that hasn't affected sales.
"Consumer demand drives our company, not raw material Prices," explained Michael Nermon, president of Ergo Customized Comfort, an upscale specialty sleeping merchant in Southern California. "The amount of consumers requesting foam bedding keeps growing, and we don't see need lessening from the face of increasing costs."
"Producers Will continue to create what their Customers desire," explained Dan Schecter, vice president of marketing and sales for Carpenter Co., a significant foam provider to the business. "We are going to have to continue to innovate to warrant price points"
Tempur Pedic, that hasn't had to increase prices except Adjustments, is currently starting its merchandise that is most expensive the Grand Bed, up to now, retailing for $ 6,000, queen dimensions. "Our merchants advised us customers were searching for an ultra superior merchandise from us," explained Chris Henney, president of Tempur Pedic's retail department.
Even AeroBed has additional its mobile lineup and foam, with The debut of a Premier Memory Foam layout that comprises a cushiony layer of viscoelastic held in place with a woven mattress topper, retailing for $299.99, queen. There are some popular covers of queen size futon mattress
Some makers are in conjunction, or utilizing polyurethane differently With substances, such as structures sleep.
Kingsdown's Body System, for instance, combines layers of foams And fibers using a coil in coil system to make four beds. Its Dormodiagnostics system employs stress mapping to help locate the ideal futon mattress for bodies. It retails at $2,200 for a princess. "It is our technology which makes this kind of specialization sleep merchandise," explained Julie Swanner, advertising manager at Kingsdown.
The iMod of otis Bed Mfg. is The lowest pressure rating in the market, based on Karen L. Day, Otis' vice president of marketing and sales. Employing coil technologies at a case that adjusts to your system, the queen futon mattress has 1,225 coils that are separate. Ranging in cost the relaxation of the bed is at the coils rather than the cushioning,'' Day stated.

[Image: organic-cotton-futon-mattress-cotton-cloud-futons.jpg]
Ahead of the cost growth, United Sleep Products had strategies to Present a specialty polyurethane merchandise at the $499 to $699 price range, however, found it impossible, stated vice president of sales, Thomas Nieman. "By carrying the possessions of specialization foams and incorporating them with a interior spring center, we could satisfy our aim of maintaining price points," he further added. "Foam is used as the service and relaxation coating, but we needed to alter the center."
Classes are growing.
"Surely memory foam has turned into much more publicity, however The airbed class is substantial and growing each year," explained Phil Sherman, national sales director at Boyd Specialty Sleep. The business has rolled out its Boyd Night Air line plus a Simmons Beautyrest LuxAire app that provides new features, for example a relaxation readout that offers values and hand controls. The four mattress program ranges from $1,899 to $3,499. Boyd is also starting the Beautyrest Natural Spring, a flotation apparatus. Many retailers neglect the group, Sherman explained. "As specialization sleep increases more consciousness and fame, anyone like it into their merchandising ought to establish a flotation device. So many individuals haven't been subjected to a single, and if they attempt them for the very first time, their response is outstanding."
Not only are customers worried about a Fantastic night's sleep With health generally, resulting in development in eco bedding.
GarmeUSA, which generates its density viscoelastic Foam mattresses at Spain, sees potential expansion from health conscious customers since its products currently meet or surpass Europe's Oeko Tek criteria for sanitized, hypoallergenic goods without a fluorocarbons, stated Larry Craver, Garme USA's president and chief executive officer. 
Essentia, a branch of Quebec IBS Groupe, is currently introducing the evoEssentia set, which laminates layers of viscoelastic and latex memory foam. A silver scrub and sanitized and aloe vera therapy add a hands.
Furnature, which generates bedding and best futon mattresses utilizing rubber, has witnessed a remarkable increase in Attention from futon mattress and mainstream furniture stores in the last year, said the president of Furnature, Barry Shapiro. "In years past it had been the chemically sensitive individual driving the sales of their goods," he said, crediting two types of customers: the savvy, educated customer who wishes to understand,"What am I sleeping for eight hours each night?" As well as the"Whole Foods" audience, which is not a bunch of crunchy granola types, but mainstream people who want a high excellent merchandise, which is fitter for them. Mattresses vary from roughly $1,730 to $3,075.
Since also the contest and the interest develops, producers are Focusing on over brand new products to expand market penetration. However, all are being selective.
Comfortaire Corp., which projects its increase 2006, has expanded its own territory and its sales force, stated firm president, David Karr. "We are on the lookout for new clients," he explained. "But we need stores whose assignment is to really service their clients' needs."
Shops to its 396, is branching out into partnerships with retailers. Its Preference Series is available in shops, such as Jordan's Furniture, Sleep America Back, Slumberland and Sleep Train.
GarmeUSA has introduced Market 1,400 and between 1,300 Lexington Furniture traders together with the Timberlake furniture sets.
And Kingsdown, that exports to 20 countries, Such as Australia, Japan, China and Thailand, intends Business farther. Additionally, it cut and, 300 traders four Decades ago Is currently focusing on building its network Its own Dormodiagnostics system, and that are ready and ready to invest at the Resources and the opportunity to advertise it. "We're focusing on servicing And developing these balances, and expanding all around the world," Swanner said.
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