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Using HWinfo64-what CPU temp do I go by?
Hi I use HWinfo64 temp monitor (really like it)
and it gives two CPU readings
one is amd 10h+ cpu thermal sensor
the other is ITE IT8712F

now the 10H+ is generally 5c less than the ITE sensor
from Googling
the 10H+ is the core temp while the ITE is package temp measured at socket
as far as OCing temps go by
I know that 60C is really the max you want your peak load to be
right now my PHII x 4 925 @3.5ghz is reading after an hour with Prime95-64bit in 68F room (20C?)
55-57C on the ITE
so the 10H would be about 50-52C

which temp should I go by?

everywhere you read about OCing the PHII Deneb says
you should really be under 55C for max load temp.

I need a serious AMD expert here
AFAIK AMD specifications define the Tcase maximum temperature, not the internal core values. So I think you should watch the value under ITE sensor.

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