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What is gpu memory usage?
Sorry for my English because I'm from another country (I'm using google translator).
Thank you in advance for the answers. I'm playing Apex legends at the maximum settings. I have 2x8GB of ram. In hwinfo64 is showing that I got to use 11409mb of gpu memory usage, but my rx580 only has 8gb ... is this a bug? in the gpu d3d memory dedicated shows that I used 7824mb, which is right since my card has 8gb. What is the difference between gpu d3d memory dedicated and gpu memory usage?

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That looks like a bug in GPU drivers, GPU Memory Usage should be reporting a value similar to D3D Memory Usage in this case.
Try to upgrade the GPU drivers to latest version if that will fix it.
Windows 10's Task Manager has definite GPU-observing instruments covered up in it. You can see per-application and framework wide GPU use, and Microsoft guarantees the Task Manager's numbers will be more precise than the ones in outsider utilities.

How This Works

These GPU highlights were included Windows 10's Fall Creators Update, otherwise called Windows 10 adaptation 1709. In case you're utilizing Windows 7, 8, or a more seasoned adaptation of Windows 10, you won't see these instruments in your Task Manager. Here's the manner by which to check which rendition of Windows 10 you have.

Windows utilizes more current highlights in the Windows Display Driver Model to pull this data straightforwardly from the GPU scheduler (VidSCH) and video memory chief (VidMm) in the WDDM's designs piece, which is in charge of really designating the assets. It demonstrates exact information regardless of which API applications use to get to the GPU—Microsoft DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL, NVIDIA CUDA, AMD Mantle, or whatever else

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