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Where are fans speeds ?
Hello ! Exceuse-me for my very bad english, please !

I have installed HWiN v. 4.50-2400 (64 bits) but i can't access to fan speed in sensor status : Fans are enabled in settings but are not in sensor status. Is there another way to proceed ?

Thank you !  Wink
I assume it's not possible to read out fan speeds on your machine. What machine do you have, a notebook? Please provide more details.
Thank you for your post.
I have a portable Sony Vaio computer with windows 7 - 64 bits.
I forgot to tell : Sony Vaio portable computer - Model VPCF 23 C5E
Such machines usually implement proprietary fan control mechanisms, thus it's not possible to read fan speed using standard methods. So it's not supported.
Ok ! Thank you.

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