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Windows 10 Crash
Hi all, 

I recently made the switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I had been using Rainmeter with another plugin (Open Hardware Monitor) to monitor various measures from my machine. I made the switch to the HWiNFO plugin as my previous plugin no longer worked with Windows 10.

My issue is that every morning when I go to wake my computer it is complete frozen and I have to do a hard reset. I tracked the issue down to either HWiNFO or it's corresponding Rainmeter plugin (when I disable HWiNFO and any skins that use it I don't have the issue). Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a solution? Please let me know if there's any info I can provide to help troubleshoot.

Thanks in advance.
Please enable Debug Mode in HWiNFO as described here:
Then perform a sleep - wake sequence. When the machine freezes, please reboot and after the system starts, attach the produced HWiNFO Debug File (DBG) here.
Make sure not to run HWiNFO with Auto-start option, otherwise the next boot will overwrite the captured DBG from the freezing.
Thanks for the reply. The file is too large to upload here so please see the following link:
Thanks, but I don't see any issue there. What's more strange is that I don't even see the Suspend/Resume sequence performed. have you performed it? Also please check if the "Debug Write Direct" option is enabled in HWiNFO.
Is it possible that this problem is not caused by HWiNFO - does it happen also if you close HWiNFO before going to sleep?
I may have given some bad information in my initial post. The crash occurs when I leave my computer idle for a long period of time (e.g., overnight). During this time, the monitors turn off but the computer doesn't actually go into sleep mode (I was incorrect about this in my initial post). In the morning, when I try to rouse my computer by wiggling the mouse or pressing a key, nothing happens. Further, the machine isn't reachable from the network.

I noticed today that, when I became aware that my computer had crashed, I was able to toggle the Num Lock feature on my keyboard. Normally, if the computer is frozen that won't work. It seems more likely that, rather than completely freezing, only some features stop working (e.g., video, network). You may be correct in that the problem is not caused by HWiNFO, but so far I can only get it to happen when HWiNFO is running. It sure would be nice if the issue was easier to reproduce.

It looks like I'll need to do further investigation. I'll report any findings whether or not they are related to HWiNFO.

Thank you.
Please let me know if you have any new findings. Currently I don't know where/how to search for the problem and I'm not even sure whether it's HWiNFO that's causing it.
So after a few weeks of testing, it looks like HWiNFO is not causing the crash. I was able to reproduce the issue once without HWiNFO running.

Sorry for the late reply. The lockups happen so sporadically that it was difficult to track. As a matter of fact, I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is causing it.

In any case, thanks very much for the help!
Thanks for the feedback.
If your computer updated from Windows 7 or 8.1, that might be the root cause. I've noticed that only a CLEAN INSTALL of Windows 10 will work like it should, at least as far as updates go. Or you can try to reset the password and use a new user account for login.

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