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Wrong recognition cpu i5-4590 as genuine intel 3300
I notice that some info about cpu are missing/wrong:

Core#0 clock show the real value.
Core#1,2,3 show always max/turbo clock value.

Core #(1 2 3) Thread #0 Usage - Miss
Core #(1 2 3) Ratio - miss
Core #(1 2 3) Temp -miss

I'm sending you debug file.

Cpu Intel i5-4590
Mb Asrock H97 Fatal1ty Performance


[Image: t1070442_Cattura.JPG][Image: t1070443_Cattura2.JPG][Image: t1070444_Cattura3.JPG]

Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 581.12 KB / Downloads: 1)
The root problem of all those listed is that something is not allowing HWiNFO to properly read CPU information, especially the real core count.
Are you maybe running HWiNFO under a virtual machine or is Hyper-V active ?
Ok solved!

There are 2 options in the bios:
In "chipset configuration" VT-d (intel virtualization technology for directed I/O) was already disable but in "cpu configuration" intel virtualization technology was enable.

Thank you!
Thanks for the feedback.
I don't think that it was required to disable entire Virtualization Technology in BIOS, but rather disabled Hyper-V in case it's enabled in Windows.
I haven't Hyper-V Installed.
Win10 Home.
That's interesting.. All such issues reported so far were because of Hyper-V. Then something else using virtualization must have influenced that...

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