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Y is this so complicated? CPU Temp / Average
Hey guys First time poster and love this app for all its glory Smile 

Ive done some searching, and am confused as to why this is so difficult to achieve, however I do know the CPU temp sensor and ID are different per computer but still should be pretty copy paste IMO. 

Im literally looking to add a widget that is basically stock like MEMORY widget, but with CPU Temps and a separate for GPU temps and possibly HDD Temps. 

Like the Stock Disk reading or memory or CPU usage widgets, where the title has:

CPU (real time usage %)
Graph of usage percent over time x

Memory total used/total available (real time percent)
Graph of percent over time x

I want the exact format that is default with the Rainmeter standard that shows:

CPU (real time temp)
Graph of temp max TJmax over time x

GPU (Real time temp)]
Graph of temp of TJmax  over time x

Here is the basic layout, why am I not able to have a stock CPU temp and GPU temp added seamlessly to this layout, why am I trying other people scripts trying to make it connect to the stock layout while I run HWINFO In the background displaying my CPU temp and GPU temps?

Top right I would like to have my CPU and GPU temp info in the same format as the default Rainmeter widgets. 

[Image: screenshot.png]

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