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ambient sensor
Are there any ambient sensors on the market from which HWiNFO is capable of reading humidity data?
I'm not aware of any such sensors, but I might add support for them if they have a documented interface.
I was looking at this device. It appears to have some communications options, but I don't know if it is anything you can tap into.
Hm, I cannot see there a description of protocol used by that device.
On their about page they list an engineering contact:

Quote:Technology Inquiry
Engineer: chenmer
Mobile: 0086-18926595573
E-mail : [email protected]

If you were to suggest a question I could ask (I don't know what to ask), I would be happy to initiateĀ an email to see if they are open to discussions.

At $21.50 I ordered one to see what it does.

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