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autostart not working
Today i´m changing version hw64_421_1963 to hw64_421_1965, but with the new version "autostart" is not working for me.
I set the option like all older versions...
[Image: HWinf.png]
... but it don´t start.
Now i´m back to the older version 1963 with the same settings and "autostart" works without a problem.
What´s wrong?

Hi Martin,

I am having a similar problem on my W 7 SP1 install but I have been having significant problems with it since last Patch Tuesday's KB 2838361 screwed things up for me so I haven't reported this to you. There seems to be several other Patches that people have found problems with, but I don't have them installed. Even after Recovering(I might have tried it once to many times), I logged on, on Monday morning only to find the 2nd instince of explorer.exe crashes(the first one for the taskbar etc, starts fine). I am not sure if this is causing any problems for HWiNFO or not, but I am having other sperious problems and concerns, so I am going rollback to an Image from July 03 and see how that works(this is the short story).

HWiNFO starts fine in Windows 8 RTM and Windows 8.1 PR installs for your information.

From all that I have read, this past Patch Tuesday's Patches for W 7 seems very rank indeed so I will be sitting on everything from it until the problems are worked out and outed more.

I hope this finds you well and enjoying summer,

Best Regards,

What is your path to the HWiNFO installation?
Also please use build 1965 and open the Windows Task Scheduler and post a screenshot of it including the Actions tab, so I can see the full path where it is started from.
You can also try the following: disable Auto Start, press OK, open the window again and enable Auto Start. Does this help ?
(07-18-2013, 06:37 PM)Martin Wrote: You can also try the following: disable Auto Start, press OK, open the window again and enable Auto Start. Does this help ?
Yeah, Martin, this help me.
Now, "autostart" works with the new version.
Thanks for your fast help.

Hi Martin,

I believe I have resolved my problem on W 7 Pro. My Task Scheduler was corrupted. HWiNFO starts auto now but has a quite an extended startup, similar to W 8 and W 8.1 but it does start eventually.

Interestingly, the W 7 corruption carried over to W 8 I noticed but W 8 has some extraordinary recovery properties and it starts anyway???? O.o Big Grin

BTW, your Summary augmentations look good. :up: Cool

Best Regards,


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