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brightness issue
Hi !

Before describe my issue i just want let you know : after struggling during two years to find a way to stop fan spinning when i'm browsing (i did everything : repaste, thermal pad on VRM, undervolting, fresh install, cooling optimization...)  finally i found this amazing software, and now i can enjoy a perfectly silent laptop !  Heart

I noticed a strange behavior, on my XPS 9560, when HWiNFO is running (6.04-3727) W10 1809 i can't adjust the brightness.

If i press + or - to adjust the brightness nothing happen. After closing HWiNFO, it works properly. And if i run HWiNFO again, same issue.

I also noticed, right after closing HWiNFO, the brightness cursor appear on screen. 

i don't know if i'm doing something wrong or not.

Let me know if you need more information.
Try to disable monitoring of the DELL EC sensor if that will help (hit Del over the sensor heading).
Do you also use fan control in HWiNFO ? If yes, that might be causing it as well because those functions might be interacting with certain features that are used to control things like brightness.
Yes, i am using only for fan control.

I  disabled; this one right?

[Image: VrXIhtf.png]

And still same, i cant control the brightness.
Yes, that one.
And if you also switch off fan control?
When I turn off the fan control, it works. i can adjust the brightness.
That means commands to control fans interfere with brightness control as well.
I'm afraid there's nothing I can do here, it's a system 'feature'.
Hum, I see. But what a strange behavior, in fact i'm not so surprised from the brand who made one of the worst thermal management ever.

Anyway, if i can help , just let me know.
Well, the thing is that fan control and other DELL-specific functions are proprietary and DELL keeps them very secret.
In order for custom fan control to work, HWiNFO issues certain commands to disable system fan control, which might otherwise override commands sent by HWiNFO.
It's quite possible that some of those deactivation commands affect brightness control, but due to the secrecy it's very difficult to determine what's right.

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