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evga z390 dark support
hey folks,

any chance this is being found/properly registered in hwinfo next release?

If you have such a mainboard can you please post:
- the HWiNFO Debug File including sensor data and
- screenshot of HWiNFO sensors showing the mainboard sensors side-by-side with EVGA E-LEET tool showing correct data
I will then try to adjust all sensors in HWiNFO.
can you tell me how?

eleet is not reading accurate either I think, the version on the evga page has no official support for z390 yet
That's a shame then if EVGA tools don't support their own products !
Is there anything else able to show correct sensor values? The BIOS at least? If yes, a screenshot would be useful (+ of course HWiNFO Report and Debug files).
how do i get the report and debug files?

here you go:

[Image: hwinfoeleet8kk76.png]

cpu-z / hwinfo shoes onlyt he VID fo the cpu, eleet shows the creal current vcore.
Thanks for the data.
This seems to be a special case with customer sensors, so please give me some time, I need to check this directly with EVGA..
So here you go:
This build adds support of monitoring of Z390 DARK. Note that a warning about EC sensor will show up now and you'll need to hit Continue for the new values to be shown.
Please let me know how it works...
thanks man.

do you happen to know what all those temps there are (the unnamed ones) and which of those the VRMs are?

[Image: darkygj7w.png]
Sorry, I don't know what those Temp4-8 represent, will check with EVGA. VRM temperature should be the "PWM".

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