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evga z390 dark support
hey folks,

any chance this is being found/properly registered in hwinfo next release?

If you have such a mainboard can you please post:
- the HWiNFO Debug File including sensor data and
- screenshot of HWiNFO sensors showing the mainboard sensors side-by-side with EVGA E-LEET tool showing correct data
I will then try to adjust all sensors in HWiNFO.
can you tell me how?

eleet is not reading accurate either I think, the version on the evga page has no official support for z390 yet
That's a shame then if EVGA tools don't support their own products !
Is there anything else able to show correct sensor values? The BIOS at least? If yes, a screenshot would be useful (+ of course HWiNFO Report and Debug files).
how do i get the report and debug files?

here you go:

[Image: hwinfoeleet8kk76.png]

cpu-z / hwinfo shoes onlyt he VID fo the cpu, eleet shows the creal current vcore.
Thanks for the data.
This seems to be a special case with customer sensors, so please give me some time, I need to check this directly with EVGA..
So here you go:
This build adds support of monitoring of Z390 DARK. Note that a warning about EC sensor will show up now and you'll need to hit Continue for the new values to be shown.
Please let me know how it works...

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