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App isn't yet even in pre-release, but is usable for me.  As of this instant it's hard-coded to connect only to

No APK yet, but it can be tested out from android studio easily enough.
I fixed it up to the point of full usability.

You can add and remove servers and see all their sensors. Pretty straightforward. It only works through the hwinfo shared server interface, which means it will probably only work on a LAN unless your hwinfo server is visible on the internet. Adding new interfaces to read from different sources wouldn't be hard, but what other plugin is good for this? I also intend at some point to add notifications - for if the machine goes down or a sensor limit is exceeded.
Mumak, if I publish this on google play, do you have a preference as to name? Is "hwinfo" okay?
No, please don't use the "HWiNFO" name, as this is a reserved/copyrighted name. You might use something like "Remote viewer for HWiNFO" or similar.

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