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hwinfo64 5.24 freezing latest corsair link 4
Upgraded 5.06 to 5.24 and now my corsair link freezes .... Any ideas why?
If you mean the Corsair Link software then yes - it cannot work together with HWiNFO. You get a warning about this in HWiNFO.
Corsair needs to implement synchronization methods that would allow to work together, but they have refused to do this so far.
Ok so why does 5.06 work fine? .... Is there anyway getting the latest beta to not freeze?

I guess it's because the old HWiNFO version didn't support Corsair Link devices, while the new ones do.
And the problem is when any other tool tries to access a Corsair device while the Corsair Link software is running - it can cause conflicts.
We (and other developers) have asked Corsair to implement a simple mechanism to avoid this. They promised it, but haven't done yet. It has been discussed several times on their forum.
If you want to see Corsair information in HWiNFO you need to close the Corsair Link software. Otherwise disable monitoring of the Corsair device in HWiNFO. Or wait for an update from Corsair that will address this issue.
I see ok and how do I disable corsair monitoring in hwinfo? I would rather have the latest version

Right-click on the Corsair sensor and select "Disable monitoring" or press the Del key Wink
Perfect thx!

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