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incorrect jedec timings table
For example DDR4-2133P can operate at 1067 MHz with CL15 and CL16.
And there is no 1000Mhz frequency
(HWInfo v6.06.3770)

Here is JEDEC JESD79-4 specs for 2133 memory

Correct values for my module is
(Thanks Thaiphoon Burner)
OK, I will adjust this. But I'm not sure if all modules fully adhere to speed bins defined by JEDEC.
In new version 3820 timings are looking better.
But not enough

XMP profile have only one preset of timings and voltage.
My memory modules have only "16-18-18-36 3200Mhz 1.35v".

PS:there is memory with 2 profiles = 2 presets...
But XMP defines also a set of CAS Latencies supported, so the values shown above should be correct as long as they fall within that set (which they do).
I will adjust rounding of some clocks in the report so 1499 and 1500 won't appear twice.

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