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incorrect voltage reading EVGA X99 motherboard
Hello guys,

HWinfo seems to misread most voltage values on my EVGA X99 Micro motherboard.

Here's a screenshot from the EVGA ELEET Tool. Those are the same Voltages shown in the UEFI.
[Image: 5n9emksp.jpg]

These are the sensor readings in HWinfo
[Image: wkelbc8x.jpg]
[Image: iveggjhc.jpg]

As you can see, the +12V is quite wrong, the DIMM voltages are missing and there are many readings non existent in the EVGA tool / UEFI.

Hope you can fix that. I'd be glad to help.


Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 1.07 MB / Downloads: 1)
.htm   X99-MICRO.HTM (Size: 292.16 KB / Downloads: 1)
Thank you for your detailed report, this will be fixed in the next HWiNFO (Beta) build.
Thanks Martin

[Image: Zwischenablage02.jpg]

This looks much more plausible  Wink
Thanks for the feedback. Are all values now properly shown ?
yes, the values shown in my screenshot are the same as the values in the EVGA software. But there are still a lot more values in HWiNFO, that are confusing (negative temperature etc.). But I simply disabled them.

I reviving my old thread. I updated my rig from a EVGA X99 Micro to a EVGA X99 Classified. The monitoring values seem mostly correct in HWinfo, but one fan speed is wrong by a factor of approx. 2. I attached a summary and debug report.


The "PWR Fan" should be corrected. Also I'm wondering what the entries VSEN1 and VSEN2 in HWinfo could be.

Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 1.21 MB / Downloads: 1)
.htm   WHITECHOCOLATE.HTM (Size: 286.77 KB / Downloads: 1)
Thanks, I will fix this in the next build.
VSEN1/2 are general sensor inputs that might be connected to a real voltage rail, or might be just bogus.

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