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multi-monitor, portrait orientation causes titlebar to be incorrect

Windows 10 pro, 64 bit running latest HWiNFO.

Slightly complicated arrangement of monitors here:

On monitors 1 & 2 (both 1920x1200 but 1 flipped for portrait) the title bar for graph windows is not the same length as the window itself (short by a few pixels):

However on monitor 3 (4k) it lines up correctly

Monitor 3 has (under window's display settings) "Change the size of text, appas and other items:" set to 125%, the other two monitors don't, but I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Clearly not a big issue but thought you might want to know.

Interesting.. But I have no idea what's causing it, might be some sort of standard Windows "feature" Wink

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