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problem with laptop dell
Hi everyboday.
yesterday I have been running down reasons why my fan is very active.  
After Malwarebytes, virus checks & Dell Diagnostics.  Windows now updates, a virus/trojan has been eliminated.  Now the fan is much better behaved, mostly idling.  
My last 'rundown' is Chrome Browser which seems to suck up cpu to 75%, keeps MsMpSvc also at a high level and the fan intermittently works hard.
I googled HwInfo and, I understand there is a Dell fan monitoring problem that may be enabled by using the Dell interface.  I haven't been able to work out if my Dell will report fan speeds (I don't want to control them).
Please can I be advised if HwInfo will report my Dell fan speeds?
I report; enabling EC in HwInfo results in BSOD, on earlier version HwInfo, wakeup after hibernate, HwInfo kept 50% cpu and could only be stopped by reboot.

Thank you!!!
Sorry, I don't know whether your model can report fan speeds in HWiNFO, you will have to try it out. Most models do.
But according to your description after enabling DELL EC it seems like there's a problem, which doesn't allow this.

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