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smartctl can read SMART from drives behind Areca controller. Any chance HWiNFO will?
Martin, my friend is reporting that this latest version fixed all his instability issues, so I'd say everything appears to be working 100% now with regards to Areca support. My friend is expecting a 1883 controller soon. I'll be sure to report any findings he has with it once he gets it online.
Perfect Smile
I have been looking into reporting more information about SAS controller and enclosures, but I haven't found what I needed yet. Also no response from Areca yet.
A report from 1883 would be great.
Got response from Areca with additional information Smile
Now I should be able to read Enclosure information too. Please check this build:
Under the Areca Controller node, you should see these new details.
Please attach a new Debug File using this build so I can check internal details too.
Very cool!

Here's what I'm seeing:

Been meaning to ask, what is that "RAID DummyDevice" that is always showing up?

DBG file attached.

Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO64-40.DBG (Size: 2.11 MB / Downloads: 1)
Great Smile
That DummyDevice is a virtual SCSI device representing the Array/controller.

BTW, do you maybe have (or know someone that has) an Areca SATA RAID controller? I'm not sure how it would work on such controllers and I'll probably need to make some changes for them.
All modern Arecas, as far as I know, are SAS/SATA controllers. I'm using all SATA drives with mine.

Way back in the day, I had an Areca 1170, which had 24 SATA ports on it, but that was like 10 years ago. So you're talking about controllers with only SATA ports on them?
Yes, I meant pure SATA controllers, not those behind SAS.
Not to hijack this thread, but along the same lines, what about info for the Areca itself?

I see an entry for each volume on the Card and SMART info for each of the drives, but nothing for CPU temp, Controller Temp, Fan Speed, etc.  Any chance we'll be able to get that in a revision?  As far as I can tell, that is about the only information HWiNFO doesn't provide.

BTW, I love this piece of software.  I've never seen such an awesome all-in-one sensor interface.  Nicely done.
Sorry, but I don't know how to read the Areca controller's stats like temperature and fan speeds yet. Is there any tool able to report this ?
There seems to be a bunch of network options. The card has a firmware webserver and ethernet port which I currently use to watch the temps. There is a program to make the webserver available in windows without the network connection. There is a SNMP, CLI, and SAP option.

Also there looks to be an API, which I haven't looked at all.

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