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voltages correspondence doubts
Can you explain the correspondence of these voltages? some are obvious but others are not. i have a z97a motherboard.

[Image: CmqTP4j.png]
Sorry, but which voltages are not obvious? They should match the voltages reported by ASUS BIOS/tools.
(02-17-2017, 08:29 AM)Martin Wrote: Sorry, but which voltages are not obvious?

i need know especially the meaning of V1 voltage
[Image: 33p3o1v.png]
Sorry, I don't know what voltage is that. Only ASUS knows that.
Judging by the description of this board can assume that it used an independent control voltage supplied to the CPU core. Such a possibility is in the ASUS DIGI+ controllers, engineers do not deny, but accurate information on this controller is not even in professional journals.

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