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Full Version: HWiNFO64 after 30 seconds values reset to default
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So i have an alienware m14x R1, i have an externet cooler but it still lags in almost all games, i have disabled CPUboost and it still sucks, i repasted cpu and gpu, still it gets very hot and lags in all games including heathstone. I tryed HWiNFO64 and when i set to manual the fan starts spinning very fast i can hear it work instantly, but after some time, usually 30 sec or so the fan goes silent again (im guessing it starts to spin at default speeds) if i click set manual, again it runs fast, how can i make it stick and not go to default fanspeeds after 30 sec?
This is a similar issue as discussed here: http://www.hwinfo.com/forum/Thread-Dell-...trol-issue