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Full Version: fans RPM over 1000
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strange issue:

values over 1000 RPM are displayed as (example) 1,272 RPM
should be 1272 RPM like always displayed in older versions.

attach screenshot

sorry forgot:

same problems with other values over 1000,
such as virtual memory, physical memory etc.

very confusing indeed.
The comma is just a thousands separator that can be disabled in sensor settings Wink
don't find disabling comma for thousand separator in the sensor settings.

Current version allows to disable this per each entry in the Custom tab of sensor settings.
The next Beta will add a global flag to disable/change it for all items on the first tab (General).

found it, had to select the device before,
yes if this would be globally, this would be helpful.

That will be released in the next few days Wink
great, working fine now in 2635