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    Virtual memory load at 97%

    Virtual Memory is just space on your Hard drive that windows uses as if it RAM. You can increase it but unless your having problems i would leave windows managing it. Your Page file looks fine which Windows also uses as an extension to RAM. Does that help? :) :)
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    Need to find out what causing my son's Minecraft Dungeons Crash

    550W should be plenty as your GPU is rated at 185W and your CPU is only 65W. It sounds like a GPU error. Have you got MSI Afterburner or any GPU overclocking software as you could try lowering the power limit on the GPU to see if that fixes it. :):)
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    BIOS Update button.

    im sorry but it told me i had 36 out of date drivers. i went through and checked 1 by 1 and it turned out only 4 were out of date!!! Then when i checked after updating them all it told me i had 21 out of date drivers of which i know is impossible as i had just been through and checked them all...
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    Need to find out what causing my son's Minecraft Dungeons Crash

    Your GPU temp isn't as high as it could be it has a max of 90°C. What is the Error message and code that it gives you when it crashes. Handy Tip: keep a pad of paper and pen by the computer for all those impromptu crashes. :p
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    System Manufacturer

    Hi sorry for the late reply been quite ill. It is where it says Brand Name. I would just like to change it to something else now as i am changing the computer more and more.
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    System Manufacturer

    I was just wondering where HWiNFO reads the system manufacturer from as i have changed my computer considerably since i bought it and would like to take their name of it. Many Thanks