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    HWiNFO v7.17-4675 Beta released

    Ok so it looks like just changing all of the values together from "column 1" to "column 2" fixes the default spacing. So something is wrong with "column 1". Basically, setting any value in column 1 seems to be too close to the next one even if you set the next one to column 2. But trying...
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    HWiNFO v7.17-4675 Beta released

    Martin, in the newest beta, the RTSS OSD fields are messed up. This only started in 4675 beta. I can't align it anymore without actually skipping vertical rows. Here is it in the previous version.
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    Understanding Nvidia GPU Power Sensor readings

    NVVDD2 input power (sum) is GPU Chip Power + SRAM input power. GPU Chip Power is the very top "GPU Core NVVDD input power sum" right below Total board power. GPU Chip Power, at least on 2x8 pin cards, is Misc0 + Misc2 + NVVDD1 input power (sum) I am unsure what the sum is on 3x8 pin cards.
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    no isl69269 readings on msi z590 carbon?

    Pretty sure it was because of MSI's completely broken die sense readings, differing whether you had VCC_Sense or Socket Sense enabled in BIOS--which should, on properly working boards like Asus Maximus, ONLY affect the Super I/O Vcore readings, and not affect the VRM readings at all. But on...
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    Memory leak (HWiNFO using 10G memory)

    Yes it's working perfectly on 471.11. Now I can monitor my GPU power again without running out of memory slowly!
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    Got 3 "internal cpu errors" on a new z490/i9 upgrade. How many is too many?

    Try increasing the loadline calibration level, CPU Core voltage slightly, or reduce the cache ratio slightly. Possibly the auto voltages on that board are too lenient for the default loadline settingss. Were you playing Minecraft or RDR2 or Ghostrunner or something?
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    Z590 Elite Anomalous Current(IOUT) and Power(POUT) Readings

    Hi Martin, I looked at his readings and there's definitely something off. I doubt it's anything to do with hwinfo. Has to be something causing the VRM to report strange readings, because it's impossible for for a 5.3 ghz HT off 10900k to report anywhere near that low of 109 amps at full load...
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    HWiNFO v6.43-4380 Beta released

    Hi @Martin Small bug with 4380. Seems like tooltips get automatically enabled when you install it (causing a tooltip over every field). However, when you disable tooltips, you still get nonstop tooltips over the bottom icons, and they won't go away at all. Should be an easy fix :)
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    Martin, can you add "effective GPU clocks" for HWinfo for 3090?

    I asked bmgjet to get back to you but I don't know how he will contact you.
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    Martin, can you add "effective GPU clocks" for HWinfo for 3090?

    Oh it's functions that are apparently "disabled" for some reason (i am not the person who took that picture). Thank you Martin. Effective (real) GPU clocks will help show people why they get low scores sometimes.
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    Martin, can you add "effective GPU clocks" for HWinfo for 3090?

    Thread here: Code is: "NVENC Clocks (Current Clocks)" string.format("{0} ({1}) MHz", nvapi.clocks.current.nvenc_clock, nvapi.clocks.current.core_clock); You can test effective clocks vs requested clocks for...
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    RTX 3080/3090 Memory/VRM temperature sensor

    Because eVGA cards show the same thing happening but they support temp monitoring on VRM and VRAM, and they are showing 6500C temp blips. Hotter than the surface of the sun. Safe to say it's a bug. Because this did not happen on 456.98 and older drivers.
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    RTX 3080/3090 Memory/VRM temperature sensor

    If you're using the newest Nvidia driver or the last two Vulkan beta drivers, that's a bug. It flags "thermal" and "power" for a split second at the exact same time, when a load changes excessively. the 456.98 hotfix driver never, ever did this, not once. Unfortunately, that does make it...
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    RTX 3080/3090 Memory/VRM temperature sensor

    Can this be added in a future hwinfo? The board seems to have a way to read this, since people have been getting "Thermal" Limit even with a 55C CPU temperature. Igor's website seems to show...
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    Z490 Various Board Die Sense Readings

    Yeah I mentioned this. the IR 69269 definitely supports VR VOUT @Martin any way you can look into this? Perhaps the same method you used for the Z490 Aorus Master/Xtreme/Ultra can work for this :)