I am British, but have lived in Japan since 1990. I have a good job here, a wonderful wife, and bought a new apartment. Looks like I'm here to stay!

Hobbies - Used to do a lot of Scuba diving.
Currently. Since 2009 I have really gotten into making, overclocking and making good powerful stable systems.
I have loved games since 1979 or 1980 on the original space invaders coin op. It was in black and white!
Hooked for life. Up until 2009 I owned and used all Consoles. Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, original xbox, then 360 and a few more.)
I realized that PC gaming, in my opinion, is far better. It's also educational to make a system, so the 360 was my last console.
What held me back at first was the ease of consoles, but mainly finance to make systems that are better than which ever the top console is/was at the time.
I have finally reached that level of disposable income. I love it, and will continue building for myself, and a couple of friends for life.

Finally, I want to say I consider HW64 the very best monitoring program available.
British living in Tokyo Japan.
International Seminars/conference interpreting services manager.