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    Prometheus Adapter for HWiNFO (+ Grafana Dashboard)

    i added this line , restarted service,restarted prometheus... Strange but i think its not added more sensors .... its same metrics like it was befor .
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    Prometheus Adapter for HWiNFO (+ Grafana Dashboard)

    Thanks for great tool , im using it in unraid (linux) HWiNFO Home Cluster.json imported to Grafana ,but dont have all values. like all cpu /package ,psu (added line from forum to *.yaml ) also s.m.a.r.t is no data . also they gone in ,but drive data is present here...
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    Thanks to you ,that still give us free use of this amazing soft for person use and 12 hours shared mem for MSI Afterburner is enouph for play games ...
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    GPU [#0] GTX1080Ti and GPU VRM sensors is shown twice ... is it OK ?!

    Hello i have sensors GPU [#0] GTX1080Ti + GPU VRM is shown twice , is it normal ? its was shown from 5.x or 6.x version when i started using Hwinfo i was just disabled the two same sensors but now im curios is it should be like this ? Thanks
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    Support of RTSS - Displaying HWiNFO sensor values in Games

    Hi, im using some values of hwinfo in Afterburner by his plugin ,how i can enable double numbers to see in afterburner ? im only getting interger numbers of Watts for example from my PSU Power ... in hwinfo itself its OK ,its in double. in MSI afterbuner its having range 0.0 to 1000.0 but still...