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    [Feature request]: Context menu to copy selected rows from sensor output panel

    There isn't a specific forum for suggestions/requests, but this is mine. I often want to pull selected values Im seeing, into text or CSV format. I don't want to log all values to a file (the existing option), but just now and then, for whatever reason, copy selected values Im seeing to the...
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    Missing some info?

    Thanks Martin, that makes good sense! I look forward to finding out what sensors could be discovered and used!!
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    Missing some info?

    Thanks! And thank you for fast reply. I don't know the details of the application itself. Most of the values the app shows, are "real" bios values not just application based, because they do correctly show the current value that's in the bios when the program starts - you can then also modify...
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    Missing some info?

    Report + Debug attached. Also a composite screenshot of Asus' monitoring program so you can see the (many!) sensors available and perhaps match some of the sensors you find in the report, to these.
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    cpu core temps too high on i7

    For information, I would agree, Speedfan's temps have been dubious (for me anyhow) for a long time - my first note to myself on that was over 2 years ago. So it sounds likely. Hope this helps reassure you.
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    Missing some info?

    I am working on stability of an Asus X79 Deluxe, and I'm missing a few things. The problem might be with my awareness and observation, so help would be appreciated :D My main problem is DRAM voltage info. The board tracks DRAM AB and CD, and probably tracks DRAM temperatures too, but I can't...