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    Asus TUF 3080 OC V2(LHR)

    Hello, at idle the GPU clock get greyed out for like a couple of seconds before showing the clock again... then greyed then back again... am i missing something ? thanks
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    High temps on asus B550-E

    Hello i am noticing 2 temps that are always relatively high Temp2 = 73 and Temp5=80... the remain on these values the whole time +/-1... Am i missing somehting ? thanks
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    Asus Rog B550-e Bios temp vs HWInfo/ryzen master

    Hello, I am trying to tune the Fans of my cpu and case. I noticed the following: The source for the fans in the Bios is "CPU". There is no indication what sensor. So anyway. My motherboard can display the temperature of the CPU on the small qcode display. When underload... HWinfo and Ryzen...