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    Slow ati gpu readings on startup!!!

    Hi martin, i want to report something im using hwinfo64 latest 4.10 and 7850 gpu, win8 OS when start my computer i see hwinfo bar, other is loading fast but dedecting ati gpu #21 #25 sensor is slow... im using ramdisk, my temp folder and hwinfo installed on this here is speeds 6...
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    CPU nm in system summary

    hey Martin its me again i checked system summary but not shows cpu nm value 45nm 32nm 22nm can you add this feature master
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    Autostart fixed ?

    hello dear hwinfo users we all know we have autostart issue i dont wanna use Windows Task Scheduler in new version is it fixed ? any works to fix problem ? thanks Martin
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    Still No autostart on Windows 8

    i started a topic like that but no result happened all you know microsof released windows 8 release preview and i installed then installed hwinfo32 3.96-1640 version but autostart function doesnt work autostarts all clicked and task manager shows its on boot list but everytime i...
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    Wrong Cpu Speed and No Autostart

    Hi everyone i will report 3 bugs, hope you fix it 1) Wrong cpu speed T5600 cpu o/clocked 2053 mhz on 945pm chipset when check with cpu-z it can show my idle-lowest clock but checking with hwinfo it shows only highest clocks not for once everytime 2) No autostart...