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    HWINFO64 + Rivatuner + Mantle? (or only DirectX?)

    Hi. In BF4 HWINFO64 + Rivatuner 64 bit gives a great OSD that works fine when choosing DirectX as driver in BF4 but when choosing Mantle as driver in BF4 the OSD does not work.............. Maybe this is normal or is there something I can do to get the OSD to work also when I use Mantle...
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    HWINFO ingame OSD not showing up

    Hi. I have always used HWINFO (for gpu loads and temps and more) with Rivatuner Server (for ingame FPS) with great succes in BF3. ........ but...... BF4 Beta launched today........ and the HWINFO doesnt show up in BF4 Beta while gaming.....and the FPS from Rivatuner doesnt show up either...
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    VDDC Votages read problem?

    Hi. Question: .......... I love using Hwinfo during gameplay - but am I doing something wrong here since GPU VDDC is reported as 1.250 (but only 1.056 in MSI Afterburner and also lower in GpuZ)???? Please help :-) Facts: I got 2 x Sapphire HD7950 Vapor-X in Crossfire overclocked to 1100...