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    Fans on Asus Z97-A

    Hi Just got this board and I've found that HwInfo is only showing CPU fan and Chassis 4, when I've got a fan attached to Chassis 3 as well, which Asus' AI Suite and the BIOS do show. The readings that HwInfo is showing seem to be a bit off as well. EDIT: There's also some discrepancy...
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    Hiding multiple sensors very difficult with new settings

    I personally preferred the old settings being all on one page but I understand there were good reasons for changing them to what they are now. However, what really bugs me is that I recall with the old version I could hide an entire group of sensors (say all of those for a HDD or motherboard...
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    No longer showing CPU Fan

    Previous versions of HwInfo have shown my CPU fan speed but the latest version no longer does (nor did the previous version I was using before I just updated). CPUID Hardware Monitor does still show CPUFAN 56%. I don't know if that's accurate but it at least shows that there is a fan sensor.
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    Core sensor showing 255c!

    I don't know why but in the last week or so it's started sometimes showing my Core/CPU 0 sensor as 255c as soon as I launch HwInfo and so I keep getting warnings from it. This has just happened after a cold boot but what has sorted it out when it's happened previously is to just reboot. I...
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    Auto launching when it shouldn't, Slow startup at boot and crashing

    I'm using the latest beta but I've had this slow startup problem for a while now. If I launch it manually after booting has finished, it loads quick as anything but if it loads automatically at boot, it shows "Initialising Kernel Driver" for a few seconds, then moves on to "Analysing devices"...
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    CPU frequency monitoring interval

    I've noticed that if I have CPU-Z running alongside HwInfo, that CPU-Z shows a lot of frequency and Vcore changes that HwInfo isn't picking up, which obviously affects the calculated Average as well as not giving an accurate current picture. I note that the default Scan Interval in HwInfo is...
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    HwInfo and HDD standby

    I have a secondary drive which isn't used most of the time, so I've set Windows to put it to sleep after 1min. With HwInfo/HwInfoMonitor running however, it seems to wake quite regularly, more so than when HwInfo isn't running. So I first disabled the sensors for that drive and when that...
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    Wrong GPU Clock speed

    Hi I've just noticed that HwInfo is misreporting my GPU clock speed for my HD4250 IGP as 966Mhz. GPU-Z shows GPU Clock 498Mhz (Default Clock 560Mhz) and Memory 397Mhz (Default 667Mhz). I presume it's just in power-saving mode whilst idle and that's why the clocks are lower than the Defaults...
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    HwInfo locking up PC

    Having a few issues with HwInfo64. Firstly, it was working with HwInfoMonitor and then just stopped, as in the Monitor didn't display anything when HwInfo was launched, even though the settings weren't changed and Shared Memory Support was still enabled. I was having problems with BSOD...
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    Missing Fan Sensor on Asrock 880GMH/US3

    HwInfo64 shows only the CPU Fan sensor and not the second one, which is reported in the BIOS and also in Speedfan as Sys Fan on the Winbond W83677HG-I, which is the same chip as the CPU Fan sensor is on. The reading is not always accurate and often shows 0RPM but this appears to be as a...
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    Fan Speed monitor shows double actual speed

    On my MSI 990FXA-GD80 board, I've noticed that the HwInfo Fan Speed sensor seems to be reading double the fan's actual speed. For instance, currently it shows 2100RPM, whereas MSI Control Center shows 1043RPM. I'm using the latest beta of HwInfo64 v4.11-1825.
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    HwInfo64 causing stuttering in DCS World

    I've been using HwInfo64 with the gadget on my second monitor to check CPU/GPU usage, etc whilst playing DCS World to try and work out what was causing the intermittent stuttering I was experiencing but ironically it seems it was HwInfo64 itself. I tested by running on one monitor without the...
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    Faulty sensor readings on MSI 990FXA-GD80

    Hi Running HwInfo64 v3.91-1485 on MSI 990FXA-GD80 motherboard under Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. All the information under Fintek F71889A/879A appears to be correct but under Fintek F75387 it shows: Motherboard 145c CPU 145c Fan1 366 RPM Fan2 366 RPM The only fan I have connected is the...
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    HWiNFO64 opens under taskbar at top of screen

    I run Win7 64 Ultimate with the Taskbar at the top of the screen. When I run HWiNFO, it opens under the taskbar as shown in the attached screenshot, meaning I can't access the menu bar to move it. I found this thread about Chromium and this problem, which might point you towards what...
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    Possible to show VRM temperature for my 6950?

    Reference 6950s report the VRM temperature and this is shown in GPU-Z (and probably HWinfo as well). I've got a non-reference Powercolor 6950 2GB, which uses a CHiL CHL8214 controller and HWiNFO doesn't show the VRM temperature. Is there any way for HWiNFO to monitor and display this?