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  1. papusan

    New fan monitor Clevo P870DM + P870KM change place in sensor panel order after reboot

    Hello Martin. First I will thank you for this amazing tool.  I use the Portable version of Hwinfo64. Have always used portable versions of all software if they are available in this format. I have tested out the added monitoring of fan speeds on Clevo P870DM and P870KM series. You added...
  2. papusan

    want Hwinfo64 window being in the same position after expansion / shrinkage of the w

    Hi Martin. A question for you. I have always adjusted the Hwinfo64 monitor window the way I want to have it. But once I expand the window and shrink the window afterwards the window on Hwinfo64 slightly changed (not in the same position the way I want). Can you look at this ? I want Hwinfo64...
  3. papusan

    Add VCCIN reporting for AW17 in Hinfo64

    Hello Martin. A Question I have to you. Is it possible to add VCCIN/vRING reporting/monitoring for laptops(Aw17) in HWinfo64? Now have Throttlestop come with a new beta 3 with VCCIN volt adjustment :D .  Would have been nice with reporting/monitoring of several volts settings. Especially Input...
  4. papusan

    Which temperature sensor to use

    Hello Martin Great software. Have said this before but it must be repeated. One question; Which of these temperature sensors in the picture is what is most correct to use? Thinks it's the Cpu package power temp sensor but it's OK to confirm who I should use. I have an Alienware 17R1 with Haswell...
  5. papusan

    Hwinfo is not working perfectly at all with Alienware 17 and 18

    Hi Martin on HWINFO. This is my Laptop: Alienware 17 R5 Ranger (model 2013 and 2014) I have 3 settings on cpu. 0 = Does nothing 2000 RPM = Does something but not good enough to keep my cPUs at bay. 4600 RPM = Leaf blower. Way too noisy. I have 3 settings on gpu. 0 = Does nothing 2000 RPM =...
  6. papusan

    problems and move on values in multiple steps in (layout) settings

    In the last 3 versions of Hwinfo64 there are problems and move on values ​​in multiple steps in (layout) settings. For example move the PCIe clock farther up only and press upward arrow. Sorry for my poor English.
  7. papusan

    Minimize all icon in new Hwinfo64

    [attachment=1054]Why have Hwinfo taken away minimize all icon from the sensor panel (next to the save & quit) in the latest version of Hwinfo64 (4.42 to 2280)? It was a good idea to have this icon down by the others. Or is it hid any places? Thanks for your response.