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    Is there a way to add two values and show in system tray?

    Hi Martin, great job by doing this application :) My question is simple, we can multiple or add a specific value a single data and we can show in the system tray, but is it possible to add two values (e.g cpu package power + gpu power) and show in the system tray. thanks by the way.
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    HWiNFOMonitor 2.0 gadget "Always on Top" problem

    Hi, i am using HWInfo and and desktop gadget for about 4 years, the best app in the whole internet by the way. I have a problem for a few weeks, some times desktop gadget comes to top of every window in the desktop, even if "always on top feature" is not checked. It usually comes to top...
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    Tray icon color change, when temperature has increased a threshold level

    Hi, Martin Hwinfo is the best monitoring tool in the whole internet, just amazing no more.! Maybe there is an option, but i cannot find in the software menus, is there a way of changeable tray icon, when temperature has increased a specific level E.g. when cpu temp exceeds 70, it...