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  1. PiersJH

    Timer on Sensors screen not updating in real-time (even if set to 1,000 ms) - deliberate feature?

    The timer at the bottom right of the Sensors screen no longer updates in real-time. The only change I've made is to enable SVM/virtualisation in the BIOS. This problem seems to occur sporadically, but is almost-always reproducible when running the CoreCycler script (which only uses 1 thread at a...
  2. PiersJH

    Recommended SMART Polling Period?

    As the title says, what's the recommended polling period for storage (SMART)? I believe the default is - or was - 100, and I have it set to 2,500. Is there an ideal formula, for example where disk spin-down time * y = a less aggressive polling rate?
  3. PiersJH

    Possible to add a timer for logging?

    I propose adding a timer for logging. This is for two reasons: 1. I often leave my PC on, especially if stress-testing. This can mean the PC is left on over a weekend when I'm away and I would like to enable logging for X hours (let's say 12 hours as an example). With a timer that automatically...
  4. PiersJH

    Not a bug report, but a question

    I will create a bug report using the instructions in the pinned post, if required, but I have a general question. I noticed this on my home server (via rdp). The drive is old, but no errors have been reported via Stablebit (full scan that took three weeks) or elsewhere. I don't believe the drive...
  5. PiersJH

    Feature request: Add option to insert blank line

    This is presently how I have HWiNFO set up. It doesn't take up the full screen and displays the readings in a way I like. However, if you look at the bottom of the middle column, the "S.M.A.R.T.: WDC WDS100T...." device's information is split between the middle column and the top of the third...
  6. PiersJH

    Sensible polling time?

    The default 2,000ms works fine, but I don't need devices to be polled that often. I've tried 4,000ms, SMART every 1,500 cycles, and controller every 2 cycles. This seems to provide a decent amount of data, but with barely using any system resources (with the above settings, HWiNFO is reported to...
  7. PiersJH

    [Feature Request] Introduce alternative display option for Zen temperatures

    Straight to the point: Since Zen 3 (and to a lesser extend, Zen 2) is known for basing performance on hundreds of internal sensor readings and AMD isn't entirely open about the exact workings, this can easily cause a 15°C increase within one polling cycle (default 2000ms in HWiNFO). Ryzen Master...
  8. PiersJH

    Localisation files?

    Are the language files stored somewhere upon first use, or are they part of the application? Do you use transifex or a similar service? I would like to change the localisation for personal use, if possible.
  9. PiersJH

    "CPU Core VID (Effective)" vs "Core VIDs"

    I assume the 'Core VIDs' measures are less accurate? If not, are the data sources from different points? The popup explanation makes sense, but I would expect to see the highest 'VID (Effective)' value match the higher 'Core VIDs' value. Example: "CPU Core VID (Effective): 1.55000V" "Core...
  10. PiersJH

    Vcore vs CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) - Ryzen 5900X 1.47v Vcore / 1.52v SVI2 TFN / 1.50v VID

    Hello, My PC is only a few weeks old (there are no old components in it) and I have recently found the CPU requesting too much voltage, and it being supplied with too much (as per AMD specification for the 5000 series). Which measurement is more accurate? I should note, that this is with PBO...