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  1. mfz99

    Sensor settings window is too high for small display

    On a 1366x768 display, the bottom of sensor settings window is cut off, making it impossible to click OK or cancel. I failed to find a way to resize the dialog window. See attached screendump.
  2. mfz99

    MSI B450M - Unable to show BCLK fluctuation

    HWiNFO 6.10 latest beta Windows 10 amd64 Ryzen 5 2600x MSI B450M Mortar The bus clock is being shown as 100.0 MHz all the time. Which means: Current: 100.0 MHz Minimum: 100.0 MHz Maximum: 100.0 MHz Average: 100.0 MHz Whereas in CPU-Z Bus Speed can be seen fluctuating from 96 to 99.99 MHz.
  3. mfz99

    Ryzen SOC power and current - large number compared with other HW monitoring tools

    HWiNFO 6.10 latest beta Windows 10 amd64 Ryzen 5 2600x MSI B450M Mortar Basically SOC current and SOC power consumption doubles what I see in AIDA64 and SIV(System Infomation Viewer). AIDA64 and SIV reported values are roughly the same. Note that this might be related to MSI board design that...
  4. mfz99

    gpu power consumption sensor

    Double check this item in MSI AB or other HW monitor softwares. If it's in the same range then this is not an issue with HWiNFO.
  5. mfz99

    [FR] More customizable layout for RTSS OSD

    Currently, layout editing for RTSS OSD is limited to row and column selection. It would be much nicer to have full-blown layout editing capability, such as individual font/size/alignment/fill modification for each item, much like the functionality of conky. Of course, maybe adding...