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  1. novax1

    HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 v4.38 released

    hi could please put this vercion download for 32bit installation, esla only works with LCDhost. Thanks i Greetings 
  2. novax1

    Aquasuite and WMI support

    If my explanation is not clear is that I have to translate English Spanish Hello I also use AquaSuite has one hour version 2014 xt AquaStream pump. and I can display the information in my g19 with LCDhost program. But those data sample hwinfo in AquaSuite are only for those who have the...
  3. novax1

    Master Volumen

    hi all can add to the program the option of master volume control I use this program and I would like to Lcdhost show. i sincerely felizes parties
  4. novax1

    Set alerts

    Good morning Martin As I can to include a minimum and a maximum for alerts that no :oops:
  5. novax1

    Set alerts

    Hello Martin I try to manually set up alerts that of minimum and maximum CPU, GPU, motherboard but Nogot that option Cores if they have the option :?: I show in the image
  6. novax1

    Font size in G19

    Thanks Martin Works perfectly if you decide to Multilanguage account with me for Spanish I like your application with your permission I can advertise on pages of your application for the G19 Greetings :)
  7. novax1

    Font size in G19

    Hello I'm testing your program i is very good Moreover also can view information in my G19 but the size of the him after are very small does not have the option to another size? Only in English if you can help to translate it into the Spanish your Greetings application