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    Aquasuite and WMI support

    I'm also very interested in using hwinfo with Aquasuite. I'm very close to being ready for software on my current project but I'm going to wait until I learn more about Aquasuite supporting HWInfo. I'm going to contact AQ and ask they support HWInfo as soon as possible.
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    How to reduce HwInfo launch timings ? & Auto-start ?

    Unchecking the "GPU I2C Support" changed my start up time on crossfired 7770's from 30seconds to 2 works.
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    I understand the longer start up time on my new machine. It has a lot more to scan, five drives, a dozen usb 2&3 ports, 2 graphic cards. I'll dig deeper in to the setup when I have time.
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    I run HWInfo64 on all my boxes set to start sensors with windows and display temps in sys tray. When W7 starts I get the popup to start HWInfo64, can this be automatic? Second is the load time, my shinny new GB990fxa/AMD8350/16gb ram blah blah takes 30-35 seconds to load while my old...
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    HWiNFO32/64 Extensions

    Figured it out...never mind.