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    Spiking bclck

    Thanks Martin. I thought that was the case. I've got a few other things I can try and I'll let you know if I get any success. is bclck locked at a certain value then? Only changing when altered manually? I have speedstep disabled. Is there anything you are aware of in bios that could...
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    4770k fluctuating bclck

    Hi! I currently have a repeatable problem when monitoring my 4770k. The bclck seems to be periodically spiking to 102mhz or so causing my cpu speed to rise and become slightly unstable. This happens regardless of load on the processor or if I have the chip overclocked or running default...
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    Fastest/slowest cpu in the world!

    ****edit sorry martin the file wont seem to attach. completes uploading but does'nt get added? Hi Martin Hopefully attached is a debug file. No speed drops on this one but a massive spike that occurred during a 10 min run of prime95 Hope this helps. I will disable the polling option on the...
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    Fastest/slowest cpu in the world!

    Ah I see. I did see the info but was still abit unsure about how it arrived at its calculations. So the only way a clock speed change occurs is when either the bios( through speedstep, cstates) chages the multiplier of the chip up or down depending on load? I take it the bclck is a...
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    Fastest/slowest cpu in the world!

    Thanks for the replies. The cpu has a corsair h100 installed and is properly seated and new arctic silver was applied. Im sure it's not throttling itself as you can see in the pictures hwinfo tells you when throttling is being applied to the cpu. Besides in no way should it throttle down to...
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    Fastest/slowest cpu in the world!

    HI! My brand new 4770k is showing these massive clock speed spikes while stress testing. [/URL][/img] [/URL] As you can see of the tests showed that the cpu speed dropped to a lowest of 40mhz and raised to a huge number, Is this even possible? At no point did the system crash...