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    Samsung NVMe driver ==> drive is not listed

    As soon as I upgraded my system (with has an NVMe PCIe SSD from Samsung as a boot drive) to the Samsun specific NVMe driver, HWInfo64 was not able to see this drive anymore. Remark1: I'm not on this system so cannot attach log file. Remark2: I know this has been a problem before when Intel RST...
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    No PnP detection - is this a bug?

    OK thanks, hopefully you find the time...
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    No PnP detection - is this a bug?

    Could you change this? Or give the option to rescan/refresh while the program is open. This would be useful in some situations, eg while troubleshooting/testing USB devices. Best regards
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    No PnP detection - is this a bug?

    Hallo, when hwinfo is running (x64 under win10 - latest version) and I insert a USB stick, hwinfo does not display the new hardware. Is the hw scan only performed on startup of the program? Thanks for any useful info.