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    HWiNFO showing extremely low 12v/5v/3.3v. Definitely wrong.

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    In battery supply mode, Notebook shuts down after some minutes without warning

    Possibly this and possibly that ... this is not a way to troubleshoot problems. Bend pins has nothing to do with battery remaining capacity. Best advice = give it at local computers store for a complete review by an expert.
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    In battery supply mode, Notebook shuts down after some minutes without warning

    They say the glass it may appear half-full or half-empty ... So, there is in there a battery pack with a damaged cell or many, these forcing the pack to collapse at 50% and or instantly at a sudden heavy load. Your new options: a) Use it with AC power all times, the damaged battery will work...
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    In battery supply mode, Notebook shuts down after some minutes without warning

    When load this increases, the battery controller circuit, this recalculates run time. They are out there more sophisticated software for run time analysis, but they are tools and not for free. Best real world benchmark, this is portable device to handle internet use (pages browsing) with...
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    In battery supply mode, Notebook shuts down after some minutes without warning

    Is that notebook or laptop? At laptop with degraded battery, you can do set mark of battery evaluation at steps. Set a high mark as 30% of charge and test if the laptop can come down there with out sudden shutdown. My personal laptop battery this is not genuine, it can go down safely to 15% of...
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    LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

    Format and re-install of Genuine ENG-US windows version. I am using win7 Pro ENG RETAIL, purchased from UK, two DVD and Blue carton box.
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    LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

    Since the beginning of time that is Win 95, I am using Operating system with American language and Greek language support. Microsoft is responsible that Cyrillic version of windows this has such a bug, at HWINFO recording session.
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    Strange HotSpot readings from my RTX 2070 Super

    I would worry of the health of DC fan. Thermal pads they are immortal, if they are factory installed do not touch them. Thermal paste survives for 10 years. If the card has factory installed paste and pads, then ask help from PC builder professional, so him to take apart the cooler and clean it.
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    Gpu Performance Limit - Utilization Turn to yes while in game

    GPU cooler performance this should be checked by a computers builder in your town, and not by you. It might be GPU cooler fan fail issue (needs a replacement), or the old DC fan needs cleaning and lubrication, nothing of all these its your job to do. They are involved special tools and skills...
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    Sudden Computer Power-off while gaming on new build: Help reading logs for diagnosis?

    What is the real age of the power supply? Did it five years warranty ended?
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    Help X570 3.3v low

    There is nothing for you to check or repair. This multimeter quality its equal to toy-story. It might be the motherboard voltage sensor be out couple of digits. Since the moment that the motherboard has stable operation, nothing else maters. Aliexpress this is worthless market place, stop using it.
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    Cooling issues (chassis fan1 and the cpu fans)

    I am on the boat of Gigabyte, we are prisoners of SIV software. Neither this is a problem free one. :)
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    Cooling issues (chassis fan1 and the cpu fans)

    Nothing of all these makes sense. Load BIOS Default. Use the appropriate CPU Fan header.
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    Large gap between DTS and Enhanced CPU temperature.

    Wrong speculation, an desktop laptop cooler (DC fan + USB plug) it might do the trick within summer.
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    Large gap between DTS and Enhanced CPU temperature.

    In the world of measurements, 1C deviation this is not considered as error.
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    Incorrect sensor readings when running a different GPU bios

    Others thoughts. If you are not happy with what you VGA card can do, then push it away at eBay. The ones toying around with Bios from other cards, they are totally unrelated with electronics, and all their hypothetical issues they are unreasonable.
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    HwIfno keeps opening if I close it

    Afterburner v4.6.4.16255 (Year 2021) neither has any dedicated setting, and neither activates hwinfo. Entire topic this is from 2018 = OLD story I have not install Rivatuner Statistics server at my box.
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    Corsair HX1000i PSU Efficency calculation bug

    With 30.000 Euro worth measuring equipment - an power analyzer, you can come close to the truth. All that you have, its a 1000W PSU with a cheap power meter on-board.
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    Corsair HX1000i PSU Efficency calculation bug

    Why wondering when PSU attached label this has that info in writing.
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    Information about how intel core 2 duo E7500 temperature sensors works.

    CPU overheat protection this is a job that your motherboard will do that automatically. What is solely your choice so to improve, this is the entire CPU heatsink. You may replace it by something better than the INTEL stock cooler. core 2 duo E7500 it should not be pushed in any way, due it age...