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    Graph color not getting saved

    Yeyyy! ty so much! :)
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    Graph color not getting saved

    Hey there, First of all I would like to thank you for this amassing software. Very nicely done! :) My question is how can I save the colors i select for each graph i have opened? The graphs are getting saved, by theyr color its always reseting to some predetermined colors (some imposible...
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    Riva Tuner Statistics Server on 64 bites game clients?

    Hello guys, I am using HWinfo64 and i have tried many versions of RTSS, latest one i tryed is 421b5. The game i am trying to use this on is World of Warcraft. Everything is ok when I create a profile for wow.exe (the 32bit client) but when i try to use a profile on the 64 bit client...