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    Voltage readings id

    I'm wondering if there is any info on what those readings (volt 4 and volt 13)are.  I'm using Asus Strix X99 Gaming motherboard and I remember you've said there are no vcore readings for this board, but these readings are really close to the expected vcore value. Thanks.
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    no vcore value asus x99 strix

    btw I have a 6-core broadwell-e cpu if that matters in any way
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    no vcore value asus x99 strix

    thank you for your reply. I guess I should rely on the luck in my case.
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    no vcore value asus x99 strix

    as the title says, i cannot see vcore/vrvout or anything in HWinfo64. There is no such field in my mobo area. But I can see vcore in bios/aisuite.  any input would be appreciated