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    Total CPU Usage

    Total CPU Usage counter freezes when individual core usage counters are hidden.
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    Virtual Memory ... Which one?

    Yes, thank you :)
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    Virtual Memory ... Which one?

    Adding a Physical Memory counter in late version is great, thank you! A small request regarding this counter: is it possible to change it to report PM Usage instead of Free PM? The thing is that it is inconsistent with other counters, for example we see CPU usage instead of System Idle...
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    Support of RTSS - Displaying HWiNFO sensor values in Games

    Re: Support of RTSS - Displaying HWiNFO32 sensor values in G When many sensors with labels are present the output is truncated (see attached screenshot).
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    AMD Athlon X2 (Toledo) core temperatures.

    HWiNFO32.DBG is attached.
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    AMD Athlon X2 (Toledo) core temperatures.

    Does HWiNFO32 support display of AMD Athlon X2 (Toledo) core temperatures? It does not show them on my system. If not do you plan to add it? Also are there any plans to add CPU core frequency display to sensors screen? There are GPU frequencies but no CPU. It would be useful to be able to...