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    SATA 1-2-3 recognition

    Hello Martin, thanks for the quick answer. OK, as for the drives attached, I can see what the controller is rated at with your program but not sure where is the actual transfer rate figure. I.E. I have an Ocz Vertex drive ssd which is rated and shown as sata 3 (6 gbs) but my motherboard has only...
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    SATA 1-2-3 recognition

    I was wondering if it is possible with hwinfo to see if a motherboard support sata 1-2-3, I cannot see that info anywhere beside the drives identification listing. TX
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    Not Enough Memory

    Hello, i have been using the Windows version of the program for a long time and it`s one of the best I`ve seen. I just noticed that there is a dos version which is even kept up to date. Very nice and useful for non booting systems. Back to topic. I have the same error too. I have 3 computers at...