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    Increasing ram usage

    I've noticed hwinfo using more and more ram over time. This has been going on for quite a while, and I suspect it might be due to Nvidia graphics drivers. I use a gtx 1070, and I was on 462.07 driver, but I have seen the issue with previous drivers as well. I went back to 456.98 and the...
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    hwinfo64 crashes when started

    Actually, I found a way to fix it. I moved my SATA drives over from the ASMedia 106x controller to the Intel SATA controller. That seems to have solved the problem.
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    hwinfo64 crashes when started

    Setup: ASRock Fatal1ty K6 z370 motherboard Intel i7-8700k Windows 10 Home 64-bit When I start hwinfo64, it either causes my computer to have a blank/black screen, or I completely crash with a blue screen with a stop error 'Critical_Process_Died'.  How do I fix this.  Hwinfo64 is the only...