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  1. eXePert

    Unable to load a driver on this device - Driver: HWiNFO AMD64 Kernel Driver

    Thanks Martin, Eduard (FPS Monitor dev) updated it already in beta 5446 and on the "beta-beta" channel on Steam.
  2. eXePert

    HWiNFO v7.44 released

    Hi, Martin! Does this have something to do with the abnormally low "Usage" sensor load value in update 22H2, where we use "Utility" as an alternative, or is this another change?
  3. eXePert

    Inaccurate memory timings

    Your bus value jumps to 98 (16*98=1568) and this is normal. In the BIOS settings there is an option Spread Spectrum which by disabling it you will have a stable 100 and then 16*100=1600. Similarly it affects the CPU Freq. I have exactly the same it jumps, but unfortunately in the settings of my...
  4. eXePert

    V7 not showing GPU Temp!

    Thanks you! The user installed this beta for himself and the sensor appeared!
  5. eXePert

    V7 not showing GPU Temp!

    Hello, Martin! I work in support of FPS Monitor and we also receive reports about the absence of GPU Temperature sensors on mobile discrete cards like 850M, 950M, and there is also a missing GPU Clock sensor on a mobile Intel Core i3-8130U processor (Intel (R) UHD Graphics 620). Attached a...
  6. eXePert

    The program does not display the GPU Clock sensor on i7-1165g7

    Hello, Martin. Perhaps this software was FPS Monitor and SMBus is also enabled in it in the settings... Can you tell me about one GT Cores Power sensor for this user (see screenshot at the beginning)? It is displayed in HWInfo, but in FPS Monitor only when the built-in video core is loaded...